About us

We have certified organic production facilities in Ukraine for dehulling, cleaning, sorting, and packaging organic cereals and pulses following our customers' specific requirements. We organise the export of organic products from Ukraine to the UK, EU and other countries globally.

From Cultivating Crops to Cultivating Organic Culture

Our business has been in the agricultural industry for over thirty years — starting as a fertiliser and raw materials trading company in Eastern Ukraine. In 2014 we relocated our business to Kyiv. Six years on, we broadened our position as a champion for organic produce in Ukraine.

Our Values

From small local farmers to large-scale organic producers, we've developed a vast web of partners across Ukraine. We are proactive in seeking new opportunities to collaborate with this network to supply high-quality organic materials to our manufacturers and their retail partners.

The growth of Ukraine’s agricultural industry is helping transform the country for the better. As an aspiring social enterprise we want to be at the heart of this progressive change. As such, we find ways to promote economic, environmental and cultural progress in Ukraine and the surrounding regions.

We put an enormous amount of effort into maintaining the integrity of our organic supply chain, applying the highest professional standards to our services and products. We consider this as the core of a much deeper relationship with our business partners and customers.

Our team

Image of Pavel Gukov, Sales & Marketing at ProOrganica
Image of Eugene Blokhin, Logistics & Marketing at ProOrganica
Image of Iryna Sholokhova, Quality & Certification at ProOrganica
Image of Jackie Bonfield, UK Distribution at ProOrganica

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