Our story

From Cultivating Crops to Cultivating Culture. Read about ProOrganica's history, and why choose to move into the organics market.

From Cultivating Crops to Cultivating Culture

Chemex Ltd has been in the agricultural industry for over thirty years — starting out as a fertiliser and raw materials trading company in Donetsk, a city located in the centre of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. In 2014 an armed conflict swept through the region leading to the mass displacement of thousands of people and forcing us to relocate our business to Kiev. During this turbulent period we were forced to rethink the direction of our business, deciding that the time was right to start orientating towards the creative industries. Now, six years on, we are in the process of re-positioning Chemex ltd as an engine for innovation, creativity, and social entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Our Move Towards Organic

With its unique growing conditions, vast swathes of uncultivated land, and close proximity to some of the largest organic markets in the world, the potential of Ukraine's organic market is unprecedented. With our proven expertise in material sourcing, handling, and logistics the organics market was a natural next step for Chemex. So in the last few years we've started shifting part of our business operations and resources towards this promising market. ProOrganica is the latest addition joining Chemex ltd — the official distributor of YOGI TEA — as the processing, packaging, logistics, quality control and exporting branch of this business division. To implement this, in 2019 we acquired processing facilities and a large plot of land next to Kiev where we will run pilot projects in our processing factory for organic materials. We aim to present our first processed products to the market in 2020.